Fighter Focus: Getting to Know Colby “Tha Alligator” Karaidos

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Colby Karaidos

Fighter Focus: Getting to Know Colby “Tha Alligator” Karaidos
Often you hear about high school or collegiate wrestlers who make the transition to mixed martial arts.  In this case, Karaidos, a National Silver Gloves Champion who has amassed a 29-5 amateur boxing record has made the transformation as well.  Using his hands to deliver the same punishment a wrestle would us the takedown, he has already racked up four professional bouts including accolades for the fastest knock out at MCC in his eight second destruction of Brad Thompsen.  This Friday night, Karaidos will step back in the cage to face off with Rick “The Gladiator” Glenn.  We caught up with “Tha Alligator” as he ends his training camp.  Here’s what he had to say…
MCC:  Colby, welcome back to MCC.  Tell the fight fans a little about your background.
CK:  Well, I’ve had 33 am boxing matches all over the us. I’m a former Junior Olympics champ, state champ, regional champ and went on to represent region five to win the national silver gloves championship. Through out high school I stopped training for a number of years as boxing kind of fell off. Three years ago I wanted to start training again and take on mixed martial arts. I knew my hands were good, but wasn’t sure about the whole wrestling thing. My attitude asked myself, “What do I need wrestling for when I can just knock him out!” I decided to test my skills at MCC’s amateur promotion; DMX.  I got the promoters number through a friend and contacted him and told him I’m ready for the big show!  His exact words to me that day were, “Well I’m sure you can box, but do you know how to fight?  I will need you to come to an amateur fight show so we can see you in action!”  So, I showed up to DMX one night ready to bang. Long story short I hit the kid one time and knocked him out!  The promoter for MCC took me into the hallway and took my picture and said, “You’re on the next card!” I was in!  I wasn’t in the best shape, but I was ready to fight. I was willing to take on anyone thrown into my path. My first MMA fight I was beaten via arm bar submission. I knew I had to come up with another plan!  I started training Jiu Jitsu with anyone that wanted to help me or teach me something to improve my game. I was just learning on the way. I continued taking every fight thrown at me and I currently have a 2-2 professional record.
MCC:  A year ago you filmed “Making the Fighter”, MCC’s reality television show, alongside Joe Brammer, but you’ve taken a break since then.  What have you been up to?
CK:  Yeah, I was scheduled to fight Daraughn “Day Day” Canada.  A few months before filmed “Making the Fighter”. Shortly after that, I just sort of had a breakdown and lost all interest.  I informed the promoters for MCC that I was done fighting and was backing out of my fight. I was not not ready mentally or physically and was out doing everything except training.  I really don’t know what happened to be honest.  I guess I wanted to make it to the top with out working for it.  I took a year off from MMA knowing I would return when I was absolutely ready. Five months ago I had Informed MCC that I was ready to go!  I came to realize that you cant make it to the top over night you have to work for it!  Well, I’m ready to earn it!  I’ve been training everyday to get myself into great shape.  Right now, I’m in the best shape of my life right now and I feel great!  I’m comfortable on the ground and won’t be surprised if I start submitting people from here on out!
MCC:  So, you’ve transformed fully from just a boxer to become a complete mixed martial artist?
CK:  I think so.  I am on my way there, anyway.  I’ve learned a lot about the ground game and  I’m ready to put it into action!  I’ve been doing strength and conditioning with proper diet and supplements, basically everything a fighter should be doing to be the best he can be.  I’ve learned some things about MMA along the way I call it the three D’s: “Discipline, Determination and Dedication”  That’s what it takes to become the best!
MCC:  This Friday night at MCC 27, you are facing Rick “The Gladiator” Glenn.  What are your thoughts on your opponent?
CK:  Going into this fight I will bring my A game and definitely won’t have any regrets stepping into the cage!  I’m in the best shape of my life and I’m ready to be back!  I’m hungry and I’m on my way to the top!  I have no thoughts on my opponent, and I really don’t care if it was my best friend.  It’s going to be a war and since he’s in my way expect fireworks June 11th.  I’m packing an arsenal of tricks.  I will beat him up on my feet or beat him up on the ground.  Let the cookie crumble!
MCC:  It should definitely be a war.  You’ve scored the fastest knock out in MCC history, and Rick Glenn has proved that he will stand and trade punches with anyone, so I think the fans can expect an exciting, fast paced fight.
CK:  He has traded punches with people before, but nobody that has the credentials that I do.  It’s going to be a lot different exchanging with me- I know what I’m doing when it comes to my hands.  I’m precise, and I have power.  We’ll see how long he wants to stand once he gets hit a couple times.  If he’s still awake he will probably try to take me to the ground.  That’s cool too.  I don’t care.
MCC:  After this fight, would you like to have the opportunity to face Daraughn Canada- the fighter you were scheduled to fight after “Making the Fighter”?
CK:  It doesn’t matter.  I want to be the best.  If he’s next up, so be it.  I will fight anyone.  Bring it!
MCC:  Sounds good.  Best of luck in your return to the cage.  Is there anything you would like to add?
CK:  I want to thank everyone for believing in me and sticking with me.  I would also like to thank MCC for giving me another opportunity to fight.  I feel like everyone will see a new and improved fighter.  I have two losses on my professional record, but don’t expect to see anymore.  I’m no longer a boxer.  I’m a mixed martial artist.  The mistakes I’ve made are in the past, and I’m coming for the best.  Be ready!
Tickets for MCC 27: “Mutapcic vs. Cummings” are available on-line at, by phone at 515-229-8566 and at all Dahl’s ticket outlets.  For more information, including fighter interviews, video blogs, and up to the minute news, check out the web site.


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